Salah Chart

We encourage all the kids from small age to practice the daily 5 time prayers on its respective times, so that they develop the habit of remembrance of our beloved Allah (stw) in their life ahead.

Ramadan Chart

We motivate all the kids to participate into the holy month of Ramadan by encouraging them to fast, pray 5 times, give charity, pray Taraweeh / Qiyam-ul-layl, reading the Qur’an, saying Salat on the prophet (saw), and making Dua for their own parents.

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Treasure Hunt

We first graders played a learn Arabic through treasure hunt game and it was such an awe-inspiring day for all of us. Completing the worksheets to get the next clue, develop them to speed up the Arabic writing skill within the limited time. It was joyous and memorable day for the kids and teachers.

KG in attempt to learn the words

1st Grade decorating their Arabic alphabet lap book