About AMIS

AMIS is an Islamic Tarbiya School located in Al Qouz area of Dubai accommodating over 400 students every year from KG through 6th grade with an emphasis on moral, character and ethics. Founded in 2006, AMIS focuses on enriching spiritual values of the students with behaviour. It guides them to achieve their religious educational goals.

AMIS has successfully transformed the idea that only happy students can grow mentally, into reality in the past years. Hence AMIS is struggling to make teaching and studying atmosphere enjoyable for everyone.

The School is committed to create an Islamic atmosphere where learning process takes place. It is expected that the management, teachers and service providers in the school would exhibit visible Muslim characteristics by following a holistic curriculum through which the children develop Islamic values.

AMIS strongly believes that at AMIS each student is a trainee while the teacher is trainer, each student is a counselee while the teacher is counselor. Each AMIS teacher is trained well to train his/her trainee to equip them with the right Islamic quality. The teachers at AMIS are trained to counsel their students on issues that happen in their day-to-day life and to make them strong enough to overcome the hurdles.


Assalamu Alaikum

Friends, Peace and Mercy be upon you.

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Al Manar Islamic Centre website. The Centre came in to reality, with the boundless bounties and grace of the Almighty Allah in the year 2006. The centre has variety of activities that include memorization of Holy Quran and imparting the teachings of tolerant culture of Islam for citizens and expatriate children with an aspiration of making an Inspiring generation of Muslims who will be well versed and well aware of the teachings of their religion. It is an honour for the Centre to take up the huge responsibility of imparting Islamic teachings and the Word of God and the authentic teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and we ask Allah the Almighty to help us in our endeavour.

I am very happy with the different methods adopted by the Centre for its activities of imparting Quran related knowledge for the national as well as expatriate adults and children including those who attend regular schools and wish to get in touch with the pure spring of the Holy Book.Once again I express our deeply felt gratitude to you for your presence in our programs in the centre and also extend our hearty appreciations to all those who work hard to make this mission a big success with the of Almighty Allah.

Mr. Shamsudheen Bin Mohidheen


Assalamu Alaikum

Since 2005, the AMIS Islamic Tarbiya School has been educating students with a focus on inculcating in them love for Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him.

Our strength is the well-qualified teachers and support staff who dedicated to developing and nurturing your child’s faith in Allah, and to prepare him/her to enter the public life after they graduated with a quality education and the ability to share their faith. Our students receive lessons on Islamic Studies, Quran and Arabic language, attend Dhuhr as well as Asr congregational prayers and have opportunities to serve the needy. At AMIS Islamic School we believe that service is an essential quality of a believer raising the next generation selflessly service minded
AMIS has an eco-friendly campus which encourages the children to protect our nature. We give high value to each individual and we provide an ideal atmosphere to cherish the talents of each child and to support each of them for their moral, emotional and spiritual growth.

We emphasize on practical learning. Our teaching staff is committed to provide a happy and secure atmosphere to foster the personal growth of each child. Our goal is to help all students achieve their potential.

I welcome you to explore the rest to visit our website and find out more about what AMIS Islamic Tarbiya School has to offer. If you are looking for a school that will truly make a difference for your child and your family, please contact us to arrange a visit.

I look forward to meeting you!

Abdul Gafoor K A


Our vision is to provide education that will produce well rounded, successful and productive citizens with a sound understanding of Islam and a sense of their responsibilities as Muslims.

Our vision is to ensure that a safe and healthy Islamic environment exists according to the teaching of the Glorious Qur’an and authentic Sunnah and following the footsteps of the companions of the prophet. Our plan for our future generations is to make them well educated, knowledgeable Muslim adults who can lead a peaceful and happy life here and hereafter and positively connect with and contribute to society at large. We strongly believe that education in both of these areas should be innovative, easy to understand. That would be possible only by showing living examples and role models.


Our mission is to promote the teaching of Islam. We believe in the growth and development of a healthy and social environment which enable the students to maintain their Islamic identity.

Our mission is not limited to study the textbooks only but to make our children a complete Muslim. They make reciting the Quran as a part of their everyday life; perform their daily prayers without fail, and keeping moral values in all arenas of their life. A decade of hard work, perseverance and dedication has fostered a culturally and spiritually desired educational environment for every child regardless of ethnicity, race, and color. It testifies the strength of our mission and the wealth of trust invested in this institution.


A student is expected to be dressed in an Islamic manner commanding respect, dignity and modesty. Appropriate school uniforms must be worn during school hours. Our students uniform is a badge of pride which creates the identity of our school. Lovable pink head scarf with pitch black abaya for girls and charming off-white T-shirts with pants for boys is our classic looking uniforms.

Girls : Any abaya with AMIS Barbie Pink Hijab
Boys : Any Trousers with AMIS Off White T-Shirt


The school functions every once in a week (Saturday) from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm


AMIS run the buses in Dubai and Sharjah area. Students are picked up from their locations and bought back to school before 8:15 am. All the students pick-up and dropping will be monitored by mobile app.


We are distributing the best quality and highly delicious food and beverages for Break-fast and lunch to all the endeavoring students.